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Reconciling ecology and economy
in the service of the common good

What if we did not produce any more waste?
What if production systems regenerated our ecosystems?
What if we replaced unemployment with an abundance of jobs and innovations that make sense?
What if our economy generated more income and happiness for all?

The Blue Economy is the place where the best for health and the environment is the least expensive and where the necessities of life are free thanks to a local system of production and consumption that works with what you have. The Blue Economy is the philosophy of Zeri (Zero emissions research and initiatives) in action.

The Blue Economy is a vast universe carried by many actors and materialized in many ways, this website aims to make you discover the Blue Economy, to better understand it and to familiarize you with this universe. To understand the role of each actor in order to evaluate where you belong!

Drawing inspiration from the nature that surrounds us in order to take what is necessary, working in symbiosis with the living, living on the planet in harmony with the ecosystems that make it up… This is what the blue economy proposes.
A new way of approaching daily life that promotes regeneration, autonomy and abundance, to improve the relationship of each person to his or her environment, as well as to encourage harmonious cohabitation between humans.


Become an expert on the blue economy!

Porrima visits Dubai

Official announcement of the Blue Campus

Presentation of Porrima

The Blue Economy and MS Porrima


112 concrete cases to innovate and undertake

For several decades, Gunter Pauli has traveled the world meeting hundreds of pioneering scientists and innovative entrepreneurs. He has studied and documented more than a hundred virtuous projects in fields as varied as water, housing, energy, food and health.

Find here the 112 concrete cases treated under the angle of the market, the type of innovation and the economic model which they generate. All of this with a view to providing sustainable solutions for humanity and preserving our harmony with the planet. In other words, here are as many market opportunities and a real source of ideas for inquiring mind and entrepreneurs.


365 Fables to teach children the keys to tomorrow

How to inspire children and pass on the key principles of the Blue Economy?
To explain his work to his six children, Gunter Pauli wrote 365 Fables inspired by scientists, entrepreneurs and nature.

The Fables are designed specifically to awaken the intelligence and entrepreneurial seed in every aspiring adult. Their pedagogy inspires, informs, experiments and guides children through each stage of their development.

The Fables have been translated into many languages. They are intended to be passed on to all children on the planet, at home and at school.

Living laboratory

PORRIMA, the goddess of the future!

The PORRIMA boat, named after the goddess who carries the vision of the future, is a living laboratory of advanced technologies. Its objective is to bring the “proof of operation”, i.e. the proof of the functioning of several technologies in action.

It is the first boat in the world to have circumnavigated the globe using 100% solar energy under the name Planetsolar. PORRIMA is currently on its second round-the-world trip, equipped with a combination of solar, wind and seawater energy.

PORRIMA is getting ready to take on many new challenges, follow its odyssey!

On a daily basis

100 Solutions for action

Plastic, coffee, clothes, baby diapers… They are part of our daily life and their production impacts the planet. Wanting to change the world means thinking about the way we consume, dress, move, produce, etc. every day.

Solutions inspired by the Blue Economy, which preserve ecosystems and generate an economy of abundance, exist. You will find here several useful and targeted books providing solutions on these specific themes.

The actors

An organization at the service of the Blue Economy

The founder


Trained as an economist, entrepreneur and author, Gunter Pauli created the Blue Economy model. Founder of ZERI, he is a visionary who brings his dreams and pragmatism to concrete projects around the world.

The Foundation

Zero Emissions
Research and initiatives

A global network of creative minds seeking solutions to global challenges. Since 2001, ZERI has worked to identify industries ready to change the rules of the game.

The University


A comprehensive university education made for all those who have the thirst to learn how to use the advanced technologies operational on PORRIMA. Join the experts to innovate and become actors of the common good.

Research and


Blue Innovation is a company entirely dedicated to the research and development of technologies that represent a real breakthrough for the common good.

The publishing house


Making the Blue Economy model accessible and disseminating it is a large-scale task, that is the challenge of Blue Education. Communication, project coordination and book publishing are its main missions.

The investment fund

Blue Territories & Innovation

The objective of the investment fund is to provide financial resources to the most promising impact projects so that they can quickly move from idea to large-scale realization.

And this is just the beginning…


Jobs to change the world

You want to work for the Blue Economy and put your skills at the service of a model of abundance? Get involved!

The actors of the Blue Economy wish to promote and develop all the projects and works in many countries.

Do you have knowledge (or talent) in writing, translation, 3D design or video editing? Let’s join forces and make the Blue Economy accessible to all citizens.


Listening to you!

You want to exchange with us, do interviews, learn more about certain topics or even report bugs or anomalies, write us and together we change the world!

Do you have a question? You would like to know more about a subject, exchange ideas, do an interview, or even give us some information?

Changing the world starts with a small action, sometimes a simple message…

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