Blue Campus

The initiative of Blue Campus was born from a desire to transmit the initiatives and innovations highlighted on the MS Porrima, the objective being to have a human learning, extremely concrete and practical accompanied by the experts and inventors of these techniques.

The Blue Campus is part of what used to be called the “Living University”, a school of life, where one learns directly with a practical application in real cases.

The first editions were initiated on the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands, the objective was to train dozens of students on the various technical, social and environmental feats that had managed to make the islanders.

The Blue Campus will welcome its first students at the end of 2022 in its premises in Kenitra, Morocco, taking advantage of a period of maintenance of the boat to study and improve its onboard techniques.

Then in 2023, the Blue Campus will take advantage of Porrima’s Blue Odyssey around the world, to allow students around the world to discover all these projects.

Find more information directly on the Blue Campus website

Preparing a new generation of engineers and entrepreneurs