Blue Territories & Innovations

Faced with the global awareness of global warming, the developed economies have finally begun a process of “greening”, relying largely on the financial sphere.

Most often, it is only a reduction of negative impacts, reflecting an advance in mentalities, but remaining far from a real positive impact.

Moreover, this “greening” is an additional cost for investors, which slows down the movement, and often a marketing prop in the current context of very low interest rates.

To go beyond this approach, we intend to show with BT& I that the blue economy allows a better creation of value, both in quality and quantity.


  • BT&I‘s mission is to combine positive impact with the creation
    of economic value.
  • Our ambition is that this demonstration, beyond its direct impact, should have a knock-on effect and accelerate the process.

The objective of the Blue Territories & Innovations investment fund is to enable impact projects to emerge and give them the means to reach international scale

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