Gunter’s Fables

Dreaming and creating a better world

Gunter’s Fables are stories lovingly created for children around the world. They are based on scientific facts and encourage young readers to get involved…

You will be able to explore, understand and pass on Gunter Pauli’s fantastic world and wisdom, as well as his vision for learning, education and the future of planet Earth.

Gunter Pauli challenged himself to write 365 fables for all the children of the world to read or listen to, and to encourage each of them to make a difference with what is within their reach, whether they are young in age or in spirit!

What you will find in the Fables

Teaching young generations to think like Nature

Each Gunter’s Fable contains an inspiring story that illustrates how Nature can help us find solutions in the 7 categories: water, health, habitat, food, work and ethics.

A practical guide that encourages children to learn, question and experiment in the “Did you know”, “Think about it” and “Do it yourself” sections.

A pedagogical guide for parents and teachers to help children develop the five intelligences: science, emotional intelligence, the arts, the ability to make connections and finally the ability to implement them.

Each fable is inspired by an entrepreneur, a teacher or a scientist. You will learn more about the journey of one of these 365 extraordinary people!

Practical guide

Exchange with the children and experiment

The freedom we must give to our children is undoubtedly to allow them to think differently from us, and even more to act differently.
Everyone deserves to be an actor of a better world, even the smallest…


Did you know ?

Illustrated information to access new ideas, develop general culture and open-mindedness of the child.

Think about it

Encourage the child to ask questions, develop critical thinking, and come up with a solution by himself.

Do it yourself

A practical case (DIY) allowing to realize a concrete experiment, led by the child, to transform the information into knowledge.

An educational guide for teachers and parents

Developing the 5 intelligences

Everything that surrounds us today was once a fantasy in the mind of one person. It is up to us to inspire children to discover the greatness of Nature, the creative spirit within them, their emotions and their ability to imagine things that will one day become reality.

Positive education and learning, whether at home or in school, require a radical transformation if we are to prepare future generations for the challenges ahead.


Explore 10 to 50 topics classified by subject (physics, biology, history, mathematics, etc.)


Emotional intelligence

Develop children’s empathy and their ability to recognize and express their emotions.

The Arts

Develop creativity and action through artistic activities.

Systems: creating links

Develop the ability to think, design, create and dream in (eco)-systems.

Ability to implement

Take action to initiate change and develop the seed of an entrepreneur.

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