The Blue Economy is a project well beyond a simple team, it is a philosophy that radiates throughout the world and whose values many people have adopted.

This is why we have always wanted the Blue Economy to be largely driven by volunteers, citizens, entrepreneurs, fundamentally human people with a touch of madness!

To make the body of work of Gunter Pauli and the blue economy accessible worldwide, one of the biggest supports we need is translators and proofreaders. If you know some languages and would like to help us make the content accessible in those languages, write to us!

Unsolicited applications

Be part of the Blue Economy Team

The Blue Economy team handles communication around Gunter’s Fables, Porrima, Blue Campus, Gunter Pauli and all topics related to the blue economy.

We are also looking to expand the hard core that deals with the dissemination of the blue economy, for this we are looking for a person for Community Management with the right skills and experience.

In order to develop other innovative initiatives we are also looking for 3D designers.

The blue economy can be expressed in various ways and all applications that help us to spread will be studied with care


Help us make the Blue Economy accessible.

We seek to promote the Blue Economy in many languages and transmit it to as many people as possible.

If you have language and writing skills and want to share the wealth of the Blue Economy with your community, help us make it all available in your language!