The goddess of the future

The ship, now called Porrima, was born in 2010 under the name SolarPlanet. Covered with solar technologies on its deck, its objective was to demonstrate that this renewable energy could make it sail through the oceans, in total autonomy. An objective successfully achieved! Then, alongside the “Race for Water” foundation, the boat turned towards a mission of awareness to measure the general state of the planet’s oceans, by integrating new equipment such as the Skysails, a technology to help propel the boat by the force of the wind. The Skysails has been completed by another technology related to hydrogen: a first installation still in prototype but already able to provide, with sea water and solar radiation as fuels, up to 10% of the energy needed to operate the ship. At the end of 2021, the ship will leave Osaka, pass through the World Expo in Dubai and then reach Kenitra in Morocco to install the latest technologies designed for it and readapt its structure, an essential step to prepare the Blue Odyssey. Then she will sail around the Mediterranean before launching herself on the world’s oceans in 2023. In 2025, she will show her bow at the Osaka World Expo. We want to make this Odyssey accessible to the general public, so that it becomes a formidable vector of hope and knowledge! The boat is now entering a new phase of its life, and although it is once again getting ready to be refurbished with state-of-the-art innovations, we want it to be the bearer of the philosophy of the blue economy, synonymous with hope and wisdom. Indeed, cherishing life and looking to the future also means learning, understanding and being responsible. This is why it now bears the name of Porrima: a goddess with a vision of the future and protector of pregnant women in Roman mythology.
Watch the exchanges between Gunter Pauli and Idriss Aberkane on the projects related to PORRIMA and the Blue Campus